Scent Guide

BLOSSOM | wild harvested periwinkle + primrose

Bursting with floral notes, this fragrance brings the beauty and splendor of an 18th century English garden into your home. A bouquet of wild harvested periwinkle and evening primrose accompanies notes of lily, lilac, rose, and hyacinth. A must-have fragrance for the flower lover.

BOHEMIAN | wild harvested sassafras + juniper

An exotic blend of sweet and spicy plum, warm exotic florals, and sultry amber. Wild-harvested sassafras and juniper, freshly ground clove, and ethereal cardamom base notes add mystery and intrigue to an already compelling blend. This scent is a journey for the senses.

DAYDREAM | wild harvested huckleberry + dandelion

Bursting with the bright juicy scents of luscious wild-harvested huckleberries, the clean and clear scent of dandelions grown in the sunshine, and the warm soothing essences of pomegranates and vanilla. This scent will send your cares drifting away in a cloud of daydreams, whimsy, and berry inspiration.

KARMA | wild harvested elder + yarrow

A complex and intriguing blend of freshly picked elder and yarrow flowers, creamy sandalwood, warm vanilla, heavenly cedarwood, and rich, deep velvety smooth amber combine to make this scent nothing short of nirvana.

MEDITATION | wild harvested sage + scullcap

An ancient and enchanting blend of wild-harvested sage, freshly picked scullcap flowers, dark and mysterious patchouli, creamy sandalwood, the sacred scent frankincense and myrrh, and warm earthy coriander balanced with a delicate hint of zesty lemon.

PEACE | wild harvested wild ginger + chamomile

Ethically wild-harvested wild ginger and freshly picked chamomile blended with rare and exotic saffron, warm and spicy cardamom, the heavenly scent of sandalwood, and earthy patchouli balanced by the fresh sweet herbal aroma of geranium and lemongrass. This complex scent will bring peace and tranquility to any space.

SERENDIPITY | wild harvested lemon balm + verbena

Wildcrafted lemon balm marries the scent of fresh picked verbena and green leafy herbs. The scent of fresh squeezed lemon and citrus base notes blend into a well balanced uplifting fragrance that makes the world a better place.

WILDCRAFT | wild harvested pine + fir + birch

A perfect gift for the nature lover. Wildcraft is the embodiment of a day spent wildcrafting in the forest; infused with freshly picked fraser fir, wild harvested white pine and birch surrounded by hints of cedarwood, evergreen, moss, spruce and cypress notes. Get lost in the woods and forget the cares of the day.